There are a few reasons why I have been a big fan of this band for the past years: First, the repertoireand the presentation of the group takes me back to my first professiona job as a teenager with the Louis Prima Big Band. I´m also very impressed by the musicanship of the rhythm section and the horns. I cannot imagine any other group handling this material much better.

Al Al Porcino

The band´s instrumentalists proved to be versatile soloists. With a lot of feeling for rhythmic delicacy, with supreme tone quality- even in quiet passages- the five musicans created a sound authority as if there were at least twice as many musicans on stage. The solos were perfectly balanced. Just as long and extended, that every musican could demonstrate his virtousity, but not too long so that the band with there accompaning arrangements stayed in the foreground. The singing was one single dance, engaging and relaxed at the same time.....with lots of swing

Schwarzwälder Bote

It became really hot when Vitello Tonnato and the Roaring Zucchinis hit the stage. The band knew how to combine the Louis Prima Sound with Italian folk and entertainment without sliding into sentimental rubbish. The atmosphere raised and it got pretty crowded on the dancefloor.

Allgäuer Zeitung April

"That´s happy music, folks", shouts Mr. Vitello Tonnato into his microfon and the atmosphere at the Night Club of the Bayerischer Hof verifies it. The Roaring Zucchinis played there music from the 40´s and 60´s, and cool businessmen got rid of their jacket and entered the dancefloor. Quite an experience!!

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"They are not a secret any more.They have been widely celebrated in the munich scene and they started some firework at there debut at Valentin´s".

Allgäuer Zeitung

"......cause the Roaring Zucchinis offered Sunny side of the Street or Just a Gigolo not with ordinary lard but with finest olive oil.

Rhein Main Bote